Employment Agreement Bundles & Business Operations Templates

Templates Employment Agreement Bundles & Business Operations Templates

Business Kitz’ employment bundles & unpaid intern agreements are designed to provide cost-effective and simple frameworks for your business’ employee management needs whilst being in compliance with the National Employment Standards and the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth). Each bundle provides step-by-step and customisable forms, agreements and other documents to assist in the smooth operation of your business’ human resources systems.

If you are a business looking to hire your first employee, expand the range of employees within your organisation, or are looking to implement some key policies and procedures into your business, Business Kitz employment bundles are an efficient and cost-effective way to make a start. With harsh Australian employment laws and penalties on business owners, implementing a Fair Work compliant recruitment system and policies has never been more crucial. Business Kitz Australian Employee Compliance Package: Essentials include employment agreements, unpaid intern agreements, recruitment, inductions forms and documents and a business operations manual template (also known as an organisational manual). Our business operations template sets out key information that new employees should know about your business and also helps streamline training processes.

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  • Customisable
    Editable and re-usable from employee to employee.
  • Fair Work compliant
    Regularly updated by our compliance team.
  • Cost-effective
    High-quality and cost effective internship document templates.
  • Guidance from recruitment to end of internship
    Includes training, feedback, supervisor assessment and internship programs.