Anti-Bullying Policy Workplace Template Policy

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It is vital to provide a safe, welcoming, and inclusive workplace for your employees to maintain and improve employee morale and satisfaction.

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This anti-bullying policy workplace template policy communicates the process for raising any complaints or issues related to any instances of harassment or bullying at the workplace, along with the consequences for any such behaviour.

The Anti-bullying policy in the workplace and procedures template covers the following:

  • General overview including scope and application.
  • Definition of bullying including examples of this behaviour
  • What does not constitute as bullying
  • Procedures to take if situations of bullying occur
  • Methods to offer support

Why does my business need an Anti-Bullying Policy in the Workplace?

Bullying and discrimination costs your business.

Not only does harassment, bullying, and discrimination cause significant emotional and physical damage for victims and secondary trauma for other parties involved, but bullying also takes away from the productivity of your business and can result in:

  • Fewer customers (due to poor staff feedback resulting in lack of trust from customers).
  • Legal disputes (from victims experiencing poor treatment in the workplace).
  • Potential damage to reputation of the business as a whole and certain staff.

Implementing an Anti-Bullying Policy in your workplace will:

  1. Reduce the risk of bullying and harassment occurring in the workplace resulting in higher productivity.
  2. Decrease the risk of legal dispute by defining the parties responsible for any bullying and harassment which occurs and decreasing your liability for the actions of employees.
  3. Define the consequences of participating in bullying or harassment and further define the responsibilities of employees and managers while deterring harmful and dangerous behaviour.
  4. Communicate a clear complaints process to employees in order to address and monitor all harassment and bullying issues and resolve disputes in a time-efficient, and empathetic manner.
  5. Demonstrate your business’ standards towards bullying and harassment and will show that your business has clear procedures on how to manage such incidents.

The Business Kitz Anti-Bullying Policy Template can be utilised and tailored to any business. To further streamline processes and workplace culture, take a look at our Code of Conduct Template to assist your employees in knowing what behaviour is expected of them.

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