Australian Probation Policy Template

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The Probation Policy template provides a clear framework in assessing performance and suitability of new employees during the probation period.

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Thinking of setting up a probation period to determine if your new employee will be the right fit for your business? Do it right with a Probation Policy Template from Business Kitz.

The Probation Policy template includes:

  • An overview including scope, application, and purpose of the policy.
  • Performance management
  • Core principals
  • Procedures
  • Unsatisfactory performance
  • Organisation policies and procedures

Why does my business need a Probation Policy?

As your business grows, there will be more jobs that open and new employees onboarded. When new employees commence at your business, you may want to set a probation period to determine whether the employee is the correct fit for the position or not. This Probation Policy contains the key points to comply with Australian Fair Work legislation.

A Probation Policy contains information regarding probation periods and the procedures of how to manage an employee on probation. A probation period is usually 3-6 months, but for small businesses with less than 15 employees, it can span over 12 months.

During the probation period, an employee may be terminated with written notice in accordance with the relevant provisions in the National Employment Standards, applicable Modern Award or Enterprise Agreement.

A Probation Policy template also provides procedures for performance management during the probation period. You may consider holding regular meetings with your employee to update them on how their performance is tracking and to notify them if their performance is below average.

After the conclusion of the probation period, the organisation can either progress the employee onto a casual, full-time or part-time employee, terminate the employee or extend the probation period if permitted by the applicable regulations. This is usually actioned via an Unsuccessful or Successful Probation letter.

To ensure that your employees are aware of the nature and scope of their probation period and the outcome of unsatisfactory performance, it is necessary to make them aware that they are on a probationary period. We recommend your purchase this Probation Policy Template to implement within your business.

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