Australian Internship Kit

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The Business Internship Kit provides frameworks and structure around engaging unpaid interns.

Each Business Kitz resource contains comprehensive guidance notes as well as helpful suggestions to assist you with populating the document.

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    Editable and re-usable from employee to employee.
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    Regularly updated by our compliance team.
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    High-quality and cost effective internship document templates.
  • Guidance from recruitment to end of internship
    Includes training, feedback, supervisor assessment and internship programs.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: While you are purchasing a very comprehensive Australian template, it is important to understand that the purchasing of this template is not considered legal advice. If you require legal advice and support utilising this template, or if you have other questions, you can book a free 15 minute consultation with a team member from our associated law firm Legal Kitz.


The Australian Internship Kit provides you with the following documents:

  1.  Internship Checklist (to determine the documents and actions that are to be put in place)
  2.  Unpaid Internship Deed Template (clearly defining the relationship between the organisation and the intern, mitigating a claim that the relationship was employment based)
  3.  Internship Manual and Program (outlining the tasks and training the intern will receive)
  4.  Internship Feedback Form and Supervisor Assessment (to be utilised at the cessation of the internship)
  5. Internship Confirmation of Deletion of Confidential Information (to ensure that all confidential information that came into the intern’s possession is deleted)

Why does my business need an Internship Kit?

Paid and unpaid interns has been an area of much dispute under the Fair Work and the Fair Work Commission. Depending on the circumstances of the internship, in some cases, interns can actually be classified as employees based on the duration of time worked at your business, the nature of the work being completed (i.e. income generating or hands on tasks as favoured to ward employment)  and a range of other considerations. Generally, the intern should gain a higher level of v

It’s important to understand what an employment relationship looks like and when one exists. Things to look at include:

  • what was agreed to?
  • what was the reason for the arrangement?
  • how long was the arrangement?
  • how important was the work to the business?
  • what work is the person doing?
  • who’s getting the benefit?

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