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Every organisation should have a code of conduct to guide employees in how they should conduct themselves while performing their duties.

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This Code of Conduct template provides a comprehensive and fully functioning code of conduct policy for your employees to understand the expectations around their behaviour towards their colleagues, supervisors, and the overall organisation.

The Code of Conduct Template includes:

  • A general overview including scope, application and purpose of the policy
  • Guiding principles of behaviour
  • Fair, safe, and ethical environment
  • Personal and professional behaviour
  • Equity, diversity, and social inclusion
  • Conflict of interest
  • Gifts, benefits, and entertainment
  • Use of social media
  • Intellectual property and copyright
  • Confidential information and privacy
  • Organization property
  • Reporting channels
  • Organisation policies and procedures

Why does my business need a Code of Conduct?

A Code of Conduct Policy is a policy that sets out the obligations and expectations of employees regarding their behaviour in the workplace. A Code of Conduct Policy acts as a standard that employees must meet in the performance of their duties. This allows the expectations within your business to be known and followed.

The Code of Conduct Policy clarifies your business’ values and principles when it comes to agreed standards of professional conduct and behaviour. It is also useful in managing employees and their conduct.

Ensuring that your business’s values, principles and standards are clearly set out for all employees helps mitigate any potential issues or problems with employee behaviour. A Code of Conduct Policy can act as a benchmark, allowing the prompt resolution of behavioural issues in line with your business expectations.

The Code of Conduct Policy also fosters empowerment and understanding among your employees. In understanding the expectations around performance and behaviour, employees can effectively contribute to the efficient running of your business with minimal issues.

To further streamline your employee onboarding process and enhance workplace culture, take a look at our Full-Time Employment Agreement Template which can be customised to meet your business’s individual needs.

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