Content Creator Kit

Gain access to this Australian legal template plus over 200 more drafted by top-tier solicitors for only $14 per user/month, including free support and lifetime updates.

Business Kitz has developed a comprehensive Content Creator Kit that is designed to protect your business when engaging content creators.

  • Easy to use
    Clear and comprehensive guidance notes.
  • Customisable
    Editable schedule and re-usable among various content creators.
  • Risks covered for casual employees
    Australia’s highest quality agreement covering key risks for engaging content creators.
  • Legally Compliant
    Protects all parties involved.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: While you are purchasing a very comprehensive Australian template, it is important to understand that the purchasing of this template is not considered legal advice. If you require legal advice and support utilising this template, or if you have other questions, you can book a free 15 minute consultation with a team member from our associated law firm Legal Kitz.


The Content Creator Kit includes:

  1. Content Creator Services Agreement Template
  2. Moral Rights Consent Form Template
  3. Moral Rights Consent User Guide
  4. Intellectual Property Licence Template

When these documents are used jointly, they will govern the relationship between a business and a content creator and protect the interests of both parties during the engagement.

The Content Creator Services Agreement 

This Content Creator Services Agreement Template will be highly useful to appropriately engage content creators to provide services to the business, and will assist you and the content creator in establishing a clear relationship of engagement.

The Content Creator Kit includes and sets out  clear invoicing and payment methods, as well as legally binding confidentiality and intellectual property obligations on the content creator as well as other key legal considerations and protections for your business.

The Content Creator Services Agreement Template has proven to be suitable for most Australian businesses and includes a cover letter, comprehensive and editable schedule and covers the following:

  1. Welcome letter (greeting the content creator and addressing any relevant housekeeping matters and assisting to manage relationship)
  2. Details Schedule (outlining key details of both parties)
  3. Appointment
  4. Term
  5. Restraints
  6. Fees and Expenses
  7. Invoicing and Payments
  8. Termination
  9. Intellectual Property
  10. Moral Rights
  11. Third Party Materials
  12. Intellectual Property Licence
  13. Confidentiality
  14. Privacy
  15. Limitation of Liability
  16. Disputes
  17. General
  18. Definitions
  19. Interpretation
  20. Execution

Why does your business need the Business Kitz Content Creator Kit?

As business’ engage more and more with content creators, it is essential that they are aware of the expectations and relationship creates with creators. This is where the Content Creator Kit comes in. This Kit can help your business navigate professional relationships with content creators and protect the interests of both parties during the engagement.

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