Disciplinary and Dismissal Policy Template

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Businesses exist to provide high-quality goods or services to customers and clients. Therefore, in situations where employees behave in a manner that detracts from the business’s ability to deliver quality services, disciplinary measures may be taken.

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The Disciplinary and Dismissal Policy Template assist in managing situations where employees behave in a way that is not benefitting the business’s abilities to deliver their services.

The Disciplinary and Dismissal Policy Template includes:

  • An overview including scope, application, and purpose of the policy.
  • General principles
  • Underperformance
  • Misconduct
  • Improvement processes
  • Employee rights and responsibilities
  • Procedures to manage misconduct or underperformance
  • Verbal and written warnings
  • Dismissal

Why does your business need Disciplinary Policy

A key objective for businesses should be to ensure that all staff behave in a way that treats everyone (including customers and suppliers) without bias or discrimination and conducts themselves in a manner that is in line with the standards of the business.

A Disciplinary Policy is a policy within your business that sets out guidelines of what is considered to be inappropriate behaviour, inadequate performance or misconduct. There are usually workplace health and safety regulations that include general forms of misconduct like anti-bullying, anti-harassment and anti-discrimination provisions.

The Disciplinary Policy will apply to every employee and contractor in the organisation. By implementing an organisational policy, you can ensure that all employees are under the same framework of regulations and standards that must be upheld.

What falls under an organisation’s disciplinary policy includes various forms of misconduct. The misconduct can include:

  • Failure to meet performance objectives
  • Attendance issues and constant lateness
  • Failure to meet deadlines
  • Rude behaviour to customers or partners
  • Repetitive on-the-job minor mistakes
  • On-the-job major mistakes
  • Repeated breach of dress code
  • Involuntary discrimination
  • Lack of response to counselling and corrective actions
  • Lost temper in front of customers or partners
  • Unwillingness to follow health and safety standards
  • Breach of employment agreement
  • Harassment/ voluntary discrimination
  • Workplace violence
  • Embezzlement/knowingly defrauding
  • Substance abuse
  • Arriving to work intoxicated or under the influence of illicit substances

The Business Kitz Disciplinary Policy and Procedure clearly communicates what the procedures are in the event that an employee’s performance or behaviour does not contribute positively to the offerings or reputation of a business.

We recommend that you purchase the Disciplinary Policy to implement in your business so that your employees can be more informed as to what constitutes as unacceptable behaviour and performance and know what the processes are if they find themselves in that situation.

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