Australian Grievance Policy Template

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The Employee Grievance Policy Template outlines a process for resolution of complaints, grievances or problems raised by employees. This ensures your company is protected from the risk of disputes or claims that may be detrimental to your business’ reputation.

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Our Australian Employee Grievance Policy Template includes the following:

  • Overview
    • Scope and Application
    • Policy Administration
    • Purpose
  • Application
  • Guiding principals
  • Informal resolution
  • Formal procedures
    • Formal resolution
    • Referral to the Fair Work Commission

Why does my business need a Grievance Policy and Procedure?

A Grievance Policy should be used in your organisation to provide guidelines of what to do if any of your employees have complaints, problems or concerns that they want to raise. It should clearly state that an employee is allowed to voice their concerns and is able to do so in a safe and comfortable manner. It should also provide external measures to take if the problem cannot be resolved internally.

An effective Grievance Policy and Procedures offers a solid framework for managing and resolving issues in the workplace such as discrimination, bullying, harassment concerns and complaints against certain employees. It also provides appropriate mechanisms for employees to raise concerns and acts as a preventative measure for problems to escalate. A Grievance Policy provides informal ways of verbally addressing issues and problems in the workplace, and a formal approach if the informal ways are not effective. The purpose of having a Grievance Policy and relevant procedures is to allow your staff to feel like they are supported and safe in their workplace and promote inclusivity, communication, and a harmonious, productive working environment.

If an employee does decide to action the Grievance Policy and the procedures contained in it, all parties involved in the process of attempting resolution are encouraged to participate honestly and in good faith. Any information that is disclosed with regards to expressing concerns or problems under the Grievance Policy will fall under the organisation’s Confidentiality Policy and any breach in confidentiality may result in disciplinary action being taken.

If you are taking steps towards promoting inclusivity, a safe place for all employees and facilitating open communication without fear of reprisal, then we suggest that you purchase a Grievance Policy to implement in your organisation today.

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