IT Policy Template – Equipment and Telephone Policy

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The IT Equipment and Telephone Policy provides guidelines for the use of information technology equipment and telephones by employees.

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The IT Policy Template includes the following:

  • Overview
    • Scope and Application
    • Policy Administration
    • Purpose
    • Compliance with the Law
    • Definitions
  • Use of Computer Equipment
  • Internet and Email Facilities
  • Telephone Systems
  • Information Protection
  • Security
  • Security Violations
  • Computer Viruses
  • Non-Compliance

Why does my business need an IT Policy Template?

This IT equipment and telephone policy provides the guidelines for usage for all the hardware and software provided for employees’ use in the workplace or while completing work activities remotely. They cover devices such as computer desktops and monitors, laptops, tablets, phones and wireless devices.

You will need an IT Equipment and Telephone Policy if your workplace provides IT Equipment and Telephones (whether mobile phones or landlines) for your employees to use to carry out their work requirements. This will ensure that there is clear communication between employer and employee about what activities the IT equipment and telephones can be used for.

For example, you do not want your employees to be having highly personal and leisurely conversations on the work telephones with their co-workers or personal contacts, nor do you want your employees to be utilising the workplace computers or tablets to be accessing websites where malware and spyware may be present. These provisions can be made in this policy.

The Business Kitz IT Equipment and Telephone Policy provides general guidelines of what constitutes appropriate use of IT equipment and telephones and gives the business the right to monitor an employee’s work devices should they suspect that it is being used inappropriately, and recover logs and history of an employee’s devices in the event of an investigation.

This policy will outline the guidelines for employees’ usage of IT equipment and telephones to ensure that the equipment is used appropriately and is protected. It will also provide procedures to take if the security of the software is violated.

We recommend that you purchase and implement an IT Equipment and Telephone Policy to clearly communicate to your employees what acceptable usage of these devices is to promote a safe workplace.

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