Australian Business Proposal Template

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Write a winning proposal easily and quickly with our Australian Business Proposal Template. Whether you need a business proposal or a project proposal, this Proposal Template will allow you to create an eye-catching, professional proposal that will include your business’s goals and objectives, the vision behind your business and how you are a suitable and qualified applicant to complete the work. Below is a description of what is included in this template.

Australian Business Proposal Template Document Details

The Proposal Template includes the following:

  1. What do we stand for
  2. Introduction to our business
  3. Goals and objectives
  4. Scope of work
  5. Timetable
  6. Price
  7. Key personnel
  8. Services evaluation
  9. Endorsements
  10. Next steps

Why does my business need a Business Proposal Template?

Your business will need to submit a business proposal if you are applying to provide materials and labour or become a supplier for major projects. Large projects are usually put forth by governmental organisations, city councils and large private organisations and are made open for other businesses to submit tenders. You may also want to utilise a proposal to present some information or pitch an idea in a professional and sophisticated manner. To be able to submit your tender, pitch or presentation your business must prepare a compelling proposal to best capture the reader.

By submitting a persuasive, well-structured proposal, you will potentially shorten the approvals process and win more bids which will create a path for your business to build a portfolio and a healthy body of work.

We recommend that you purchase an Australian business proposal template to streamline your proposal preparation and write a competitive proposal to secure projects for your business.

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