Space Hire Agreement Template

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The Space Hire Agreement governs the relationship between your business and customers hiring the use of your premises.

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The Space Hire Agreement includes the following:

  1. Welcome letter (optional)
  2. Schedule (includes duration of arrangement, insurances, fees, and deposit, etc)
  3. Appointment and relationship
  4. Services
  5. Use of the services
  6. No unlawful or prohibited use of services
  7. Cancellation of services
  8. Property and equipment
  9. Workplace health and safety
  10. Restraints
  11. Fees and expenses
  12. Invoicing and payments
  13. Termination
  14. Intellectual property
  15. Confidentiality
  16. Privacy
  17. Disclaimer of warranties
  18. Insurance
  19. Indemnity
  20. Liability
  21. Disputes
  22. Things out of the principal’s control
  23. General
  24. Definitions
  25. Interpretation
  26. Execution Page

Why does my business need a Space Hire Agreement Template?

Whether you are in the events industry and need to hire venues to host your events or you own a venue that you hire out to event organisers, a Space Hire Agreement Template is essential to set out the agreed terms between the parties.

There is always risk involved whenever your business allows a third party to enter and use your premises. The last thing your business needs is to incur damage to your premises without any contractual protection to fall back on.

A Space Hire Agreement helps clarify and manage the expectations of your business and your clients to assist in preventing misuse of the space. Implementing a Space Hire Agreement is important to aid in limiting the risks involved in hiring out space such as when the space incurs physical damage.

A Space Hire Agreement Template can also be used for businesses who hire out space in their office but do not wish to enter into a leasing arrangement.

Business Kitz Space Hire Agreement can be easily modified to fit the required circumstances, including:

describing the venue and what parts are included in the agreement;
the term of the hire and what condition the venue must be returned in;
the payment terms and whether a deposit or bond is required; and
the obligations of customers while using the premises.

If you or your business is looking to hire out space, offer space for hire, hire out space as an alternative to a leasing agreement or vice versa, we recommend purchasing Business Kitz Space Hire Agreement Template.

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