Unpaid Internship Deed Template

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Does your business engage unpaid interns? Purchase a comprehensive and ready-to-use Unpaid Internship Deed Template to manage unpaid workers completing an internship period.

The Unpaid Internship Agreement Template will be emailed to you in Microsoft Word format so you can utilise the template now and in the future.

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    Clear and comprehensive guidance notes.
  • Customisable 
    Editable schedule and re-usable from employee to employee.
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  • Risks covered for unpaid interns
    Australia’s highest quality internship deed templates covering key risks for unpaid interns.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: While you are purchasing a very comprehensive Australian template, it is important to understand that the purchasing of this template is not considered legal advice. If you require legal advice and support utilising this template, or if you have other questions, you can book a free 15 minute consultation with a team member from our associated law firm Legal Kitz.


The Unpaid Internship Agreement Template includes an introductory template letter, an editable schedule and amendable terms and conditions.

The document covers the following areas:

  1. The nature of the engagement
  2. How the deed should be executed
  3. Housekeeping etc
  4. Start and end dates
  5. Location of work
  6. Days and hours of work
  7. Lines of reporting
  8. Position summary
  9. Defined tasks and training items
  10. Competencies and experience required
  11. Certificates required
  12. Summary of internship
  13. Term of the internship
  14. Nature of the internship
  15. Intern’s obligations and acknowledgments
  16. Termination of the internship
  17. Insurance
  18. Indemnity
  19. Policies and procedures
  20. Professionalism
  21. Standards
  22. General legal protections

Why does my business need an Unpaid Internship Agreement Template?

Unpaid internships and work experience are vital opportunities to allow a business to assess the performance and fit of interns before committing to hiring. Internships are also beneficial to interns as they are offered valuable work experience.

Internships can vary in lengths from a few days to a few months depending on the circumstances. It is important to note however, that an intern can remain unpaid if there is no employment relationship in place. Typically, unpaid work experience is acceptable when interns are a student or on vocational placement.

Whether there is an employment relationship in place depends on several factors. One of the most critical factors is whether the engagement creates an employment contract.

Although there is no certainty that implementing an Unpaid Internship Deed will guarantee that the arrangement does not create an employment contract, it is a critical document which can be used as evidence of the intention to engage the individual as an intern.

An Unpaid Internship Deed also considers several of the indicators of an employment relationship and aims to address how the internship will provide the greater benefit to the intern by improving their skills and knowledge and providing valuable learning opportunities.

An Unpaid Internship Deed is also important to clarify the rights and responsibilities of your business and the intern and allows your intern to be aware of the terms of their engagement with your business.

If you or your business is currently engaging or intends to engage interns on an unpaid basis, we recommend purchasing Business Kitz Unpaid Internship Deed.

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