Wholesale Agreement Template (use if you are the wholesaler)

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The Wholesale Distributor Agreement governs the relationship between the retailer and the supplier in the wholesale of products.

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Check out this Wholesale Agreement Template, written by Business Kitz’ legal and compliance experts.

Document Details

Each Business Kitz resource contains comprehensive guidance notes as well as helpful suggestions to assist you with populating the document.

The Wholesale Distributor Agreement includes the following:

  1. Welcome letter (optional)
  2. Details schedule (includes duration of agreement, products, delivery, fees, invoicing etc)
  3. Appointment
  4. Term
  5. Products
  6. Exclusivity
  7. Invoicing and payments
  8. Changes to prices and products
  9. Shipping and delivery details
  10. Defects and returns
  11. Exclusions and limitations
  12. Disclaimer of warranties
  13. Limitation of liability
  14. Termination
  15. Intellectual property
  16. Confidentiality
  17. Privacy
  18. Restraints
  19. Disputes
  20. General
  21. Definitions
  22. Interpretation
  23. Execution page


Why does your business need a Wholesale Distributor Agreement Template?

Wholesale Distributor Agreements are agreements between a distributor and a retailer. They allow the retailer to sell, market and profit from the sales of the distributor’s product in bulk.

As a distributor, it is important that you have a clear agreement in place with your customers to ensure that both parties are certain of their rights and obligations.

Wholesale Distributor Agreements can range from simple to complex depending on the types of goods or services distributed and the industry in which your customer operates.

Ensuring that the agreement defines the length of the distribution arrangement is vital, particularly if there is a minimum order requirement. Business Kitz’ Wholesale Distributor Agreement Template can be customised to represent the term of the contract including:

  • being for a set period of time;
  • being an ongoing engagement; or
  • extend for a further period which could be subject to certain terms.

Our template can be amended for several distribution circumstances, including but not limited to:

  • Exclusive distribution agreements;
  • Wholesale distribution agreements;
  • Distributions agreements for commission; and
  • Developer distribution agreements.

Whatever your distribution arrangements, make sure you have a robust agreement in place to aid in protecting your business when dealing with retailers.

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